Turning the pages of Alaska

Gearing up for AK didn’t include the latest down jacket nor double layer gloves, or even $200 snow boots.

Books. That’s how I’ve prepared. John and Dallas gave me a love for mushing and a great respect for the men and women who forge through  an amazing 1,000 mile sled race. James, Aiden,  and Miranda showed me the untamed and beautiful landscape. And Tara, she was the grit and perseverance needed to survive climbing the harsh commercial fishing ladder and the Bering Sea.

Will I need good boots? Four pair of gloves? A parka? Absolutely.

But my friends have prepared me in ways no mere -°30 down jacket could.

Will I be cold? No doubt.

Will I have a great & unforgettable experience?  No doubt!

screenshot_20170227-221714 screenshot_20170227-223431

screenshot_20170227-221944 screenshot_20170227-222123



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