To pack or not to pack…that is the question

Packing for a trip is so different for everyone.

Some pack 2 weeks in advance but unpack, repack, and yet still revise the packing just hours before departing.

Me, I packed one time, hours before leaving. The hard decision for me was which coat or series of layers to take? 30 minutes before leaving, after a leisure walk in the park and running ordinary errands, I tried on my coat options. Yes, it’s true, up until that point I wasn’t completely sure which I felt most comfortable taking. It’s just how I roll.

20 minutes before leaving I switched luggage, scaled down a few pieces of clothing I packed, and remembered to leave the jogging shoes and put on the hiking shoes.  (snow boots were packed inside)

I’ve been planning for two and a half months but clothing always took a backseat to the Native Festival schedule of entertainment , dog mushing school, and the start of the Iditarod, not to mention reading books, websites, and comparison shopping for everything. What I would wear was last on my list. Layers is the key so as long add I didn’t have clashing patters & colors I would be fine.

I’m sure, by the time I return from Fairbanks, I’ll be huffing about how I could have left two more pieces of clothing I packed simply because I like to only take what’s necessary. I like to see if I can plan pretty close to just what I need. I know, it’s not everyone’s comfort level. Most would rather have all bases covered for every possibility. Me, I’d be happy  if I could make do with what I have or with just a little bit less.  That makes my day.


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